I’m Oli and I’m Kodachrome’s Lead Guitarist.

I started playing classical acoustic guitar when I was 8 and learnt lots of traditional Spanish style fingerpicking, before quickly realising my passion was more for Rock and Pop. I had my first electric guitar for my 12th Birthday and it was a game changer for me. Since then I’ve taken several Rockschool grades, learnt how to slide, bend and make my way around the fretboard. For my 16th Birthday I got my first Fender Tele, which is the guitar I use currently and what you will see at our gigs.

I’ve been playing guitar in my own jazz funk quintet called Donc since 2022, however I joined Kodachrome alongside that in February 2024. I am also a keen drummer which I think is a great thing for any musician in terms of having a solid appreciation of rhythm and timing, and I produce original music for myself and other artists or musicians using Logic Pro X. My musical influences range from rock bands such as Radiohead or Muse to more electronic artists like Frank Ocean or Childish Gambino - even more experimental artists such as Jacob Collier inspire me. When I’m not making music I enjoy martial arts; I have a 1st Dan black belt in Taekwondo, but you’ll be lucky to see any backward flying kicks on stage!