Conan Geoghegan

I’m 17 years old  and the singer and rhythm guitarist of Kodachrome. 

From a young age I picked up instruments left and right including piano and drums. Though my true passion came in singing which I pursued by joining a boys choir for 4 years. Though it trained my voice (as well as working with a vocal coach) my voice truly longed for rock and soul. My favourite music is soul and blues: the likes of Sam Cooke, Frankie Valli, Frank Sinatra. Though I use my voice mainly for rock I love to sing along to some classics. (That’s life, love train, take my to the river etc.). 

My father has showed miles of support to help me towards my dream and push me even if I can be resistant. Though Ava is the more sophisticated writer I do write songs ( which I hold close to me dearly). I have always shown support to my sister as she is the greatest musician I know and is a great inspiration to all. Though her ego doesn’t need much more of a boost. My favourite thing is when im on stage truly coming alive, it fills me with such energy I can’t explain. I wish to become as crazy and entertaining as the likes of Bowie and Bruce Springsteen who truly come alive on stage.