Performance-based Indie outfit showcasing their own amazing songs”


This emerging band from Bristol and Bath have quickly gone from school prom and cramped stages to headlining at major city venues and top stages at South West festivals. Have played countless small gigs from village fetes, community events, pride festivals right across the south west region. 

Kodachrome sets are a mix of own material - moody and complex structures that build in intensity - along with some dynamic and unusual covers. The passion and commitment on stage from this musically savvy, street tough young band is impressive. The energy and enthusiasm on a live stage mixed with a theatricality and a genre busting approach makes them highly unusual amongst their peers. 


Kodachrome at Solara

Ava Geoghegan

SOLARA Festival 2024

Ava at the Fleece Scouting Sessions 03.03.24

Oli, Ava, Conan & Fin at Solara

Oli, guitar and Ava

 Fin Mancey - bass 

Conan, Oli and Ava

Oli in silhouete