Fin Mancey

I’m 16 years old  and got my start in music performance at 8 years old, playing screechy covers of bands like AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses armed with a ukulele - I moved on to picking up my sister’s bass guitar at age 12, playing slightly less screechy covers of the chilli peppers and Gorillaz. I began playing in bands from about 14 upwards, playing first for jazz/funk band. Typically I use a six-stringed bass, which not only allows me to noodle endlessly over my band mates but also to have a broad range on the instrument, giving me the room for both higher pitched melodic licks and low-range goodness. 

I’m a metalhead, and am Influenced by a variety of metal bassists such as Audie Pitre of Acid Bath, Al Cisneros of Sleep and Troy Sanders of Mastodon; I try to re-contextualise metal oriented bass technique into an indie rock setting in Kodachrome, giving me a unique approach to the instrument and allowing me to attack writing bass lines from a different angle - blending heavier groove-based passages with melodic hooks.